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Dating 15 year old

Millie, who boasts the likes of Mark Wright and actor Zac Efron as pals, is one of the top earning young actresses in Hollywood commanding £220,000 per episode of the supernatural series.

She is also pals with Romeo’s older brother Brooklyn’s girlfriend Hana Cross.

And it will continue to be no until either they change their minds or he turns 18.

At the charity do, the pair hugged on stage and afterwards Millie shared a picture of them posing together online and said she would “remember this evening for the rest of her life.” And on the red carpet she made it clear she had eyes for the wannabe tennis pro.

When asked what her hopes were for her Stranger Things character Eleven, said: “I don’t know.

Mum Victoria adores the 15-year-old Brit actress, made famous by the smash hit Netflix series, and approves of the burgeoning romance with her 16-year-old son.

Millie, 15, first got introduced to Romeo’s family in December 2016 when she handed out an award with him at charity Unicef’s 70th anniversary gala.

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