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Data dating star trek

R10 I've heard a few rumors about Mc Fadden but I'm guessing perhaps she falls in the bi category because she was married to a man in the 90s with whom she had a son and then she claims to have a husband now. I've gone to the Vegas conventions and there are definite suspicions about Anthony Montgomery for Enterprise.

You heard Tom whistle nearby and a few others who saw what happened cheer.Del Arco filmed his scenes for "I Borg" between Friday 6 March 1992 and Monday 9...George Baxter George Baxter is the actor who portrayed David in the Star Trek: The Next Generation second season episode "Unnatural Selection". Well, Star Trek Discovery has Maulik Pancholy and Anthony Rapp. Never married, never has mentioned a girlfriend (although there were rumors during his DS9 years that he and Terry Farrell dated briefly).

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Busted for drunk driving in New Zealand and has been photographed at public events (read: Industry events) a number of times where you can tell he is absolutely shitfaced drunk just from looking at him. R33 Crosby has been married to her current husband since 1995 (she was married to another guy before that) and they have two kids. He's always pinged for me and there were rumors he and Bill Nye were fucking a few years back. Quinto knows how Hollywood works and while maybe he wouldn't pursue a relationship with a closeted actor, casual sex is different.