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American cars tend to be more massive and squarer, because size matters in the States.

Americans have a fondness for (very) long limousines as well as pick-up trucks (in the countryside).

To avoid unwanted attention, dress and act like the local women.

This can be a great opportunity to befriend local women to learn directly from them about ways to dress or act as they do.

This is due to the much higher density of population in Europe, and the smaller size of Europe (believe it or not the EU is over twice smaller than the USA).

Yet, Europeans travel much more than Americans, inside or outside their own continent.

Being a woman abroad can be an eye-opening experience, because every culture has a different attitude towards women.

Before and during your trip, find out about your host country’s cultural values and behaviors regarding women.

European washing machines normally have only a cold water inlet (the water brought to adequate temperature inside the machine) as opposed to both a hot and a cold water inlet in the USA.

Across many countries, traditional gender roles often inform how women are expected to act, dress, and even speak to others. For example, how does religion play a role in how women are expected to dress?

What might be perceived as common behavior for women in the U. Can smiling or making direct eye contact with strangers imply something more than just a friendly gesture?

Europe, the Americas, Australia and New Zealand) could be considered as a single "Western civilisation".

'Westernness' could be defined by people who are ethnically or culturally European, in other words people of European descent or speaking a European language as their mother-tongue.

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You can also use resources like our Diversity Abroad Destination Guides to help you prepare for your experience abroad.

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