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It can be an oddly introspective experience, taking you through yourself and back without telling you what, if anything, you will find.

There is an emotional presence in the tracks that is often lacking in electronic music when lyrics are forsaken.

I love Edith, too, i think she's unique and badass in her own way, too. This is totally selfish, but i feel so angry and sad.

He sounds like the worlds biggest hypocrite right now. I have so much respect and love for Alice, she's been through so much shit and I'm glad she's still here.

While on first listen these songs seem designed to produce the involuntary movements of the head, hips, and limbs that the techno-dance genre often does, upon closer listen one finds that there is more to be discovered.

I feel so terrible doing that now after reading everything that she went through.Members Wishing: 6Total Copies: 0Label: Last Gang Records Original Release Date: 1/1/2008Re-Release Date: 3/18/2008Genres: Dance & Electronic, Alternative Rock, Pop, Rock Styles: Electronica, Indie & Lo-Fi, Dance Pop Number of Discs: 1Swapa CD Credits: 1UPC: 060270096226"I was first exposed to the self-titled debut of the Ontario-based Crystal Castles about a year ago, and found myself immediately entranced by the duo's eclectic off-brand emotional electronic sound.Ethan Kath's mix of strong, repetitive base beats and experimental usage of overlaying sounds produces and endlessly-listenable soundtrack in which one easily loses himself.No one deserves this, and even if her claims turn out to be exaggerated, I still think it’s disgusting how so many people are attacking a potential victim of abuse and claiming that she’s trying to ruin his career.Even if you don’t like Alice, you should still stand by abuse victims. Defending Ethan from unsubstantiated allegations of criminal misconduct is not attacking Alice.

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