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On August 8th and 9th, WEAG will host over 500 guests to the 2019 Global Leadership Summit as it streams live from Chicago to the big screen on our stage.

From This Day Forward is relatively short (171 pages), easy to read and immensely practical.Samson with all of his physical strength, never had the fortitude to say no to his selfishness or his anger or his lust and as a result he failed to truly live up to the calling on his life because he could not say no to temptation.James -15 (NLT) gives us a warning that Samson could have used: Instead of enjoying true biblical community, Samson surrounded himself with the very people he was supposed to rescue Israel from, and thus allowed his sin to give birth to death.We are excited about this announcement as we have tremendous respect and admiration for Craig, Amy, and the ministries that God has built through them and their teams.They are extraordinary leaders with a gift for fostering leadership development in others.

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We do, however, need more good ones, like From This Day Forward.