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A very well-spoken and clearly an educated guy, he sent me a message detailing a situation with a girl he knew...The basic gist of today's post is, basically, that this -- what we're about to talk about -- is how you write online dating messages and emails that don't get ignored...As a result, they do not oppose the divorce because they just want the fighting to stop.

This is not an invitation to do anything right now before you actually meet each other; rather, it’s a tease for planning a future outing, to see if you can spark any interest.” “Mention a recent movie or an upcoming event in your area and ask if the person has already seen it — or plans to sometime soon,” adds Dr.

“This can spark a good conversation.” However, be sure to read your message out loud before sending it.

For example: ‘How do you feel about (the election, a very popular TV show or movie, a celebrity’s recent downfall, a story in the national news)?

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