Consolidating your windows vmware environment storage

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VMKernel adapter provides network connectivity to the ESXi host to handle network traffic for v Motion, IP Storage, NAS, Fault Tolerance, and v SAN.

For each type of traffic such as v Motion, v SAN etc.

To manage and maintain organization’s business, an experienced workforce is required, and to choose the top talent from the market for growing an organization’s business, professionals are selected via many technical interviews and HR processes.NAS is a specialized storage device that connects to a network and can provide file access services to ESXi hosts.Raw Device Mapping (RDM) is a file stored in a VMFS volume that acts as a proxy for a raw physical device.A hypervisor is a virtualization layer that enables multiple operating systems to share a single hardware host.Each operating system or VM is allocated physical resources such as memory, CPU, storage etc by the host.

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Virtual Volume a new VM disk management concept introduced in v Sphere 6.0 that enables array-based operations at the virtual disk level.

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