Consolidating on itunes

Posted by / 04-Oct-2019 14:09

Consolidating on itunes

Step 2: Navigate to Preferences and select Advanced option.

Step 3: Once you are in the Advanced menu, find “Copy Files to i Tunes Media folder when adding to library” and “Keep i Tunes Media Folder Organized” options.

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By acknowledging where the consolidated i Tunes files would be saved, now let’s see how to consolidate i Tunes library in detailed steps.

The procedure of consolidating i Tunes libraries is very simple actually.

You could click "File Show Duplicate Items" option in i Tunes to show all duplicate songs and then choose to remove unwanted ones. To be time saving, you could turn to Leawo Tunes Cleaner, a professional i Tunes cleanup program that offers the best solution to clean up i Tunes library, obtain album artwork i Tunes, remove duplciate songs in i Tunes, automatically add and manually edit music tags like title, album, genre, etc.

With this i Tunes cleanup tool, you could never worry about duplicate song issues after you consolidate i Tunes files or consolidate i Tunes library.

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Step 4: After locating those options, tick the checkboxes next to each of them. Follow these instructions to consolidate your i Tunes library: Step 1: Launch i Tunes and click on File Show Menu Bar option.