Consolidating music files itunes

Posted by / 27-Feb-2020 09:04

Consolidating music files itunes

This includes everything in the path name, for example the path C:\my documents is 14 characters.

Once that's done you can consolidate however you want.

Once you see what is too long --- rename it, then reassociate it in itunes.

Given you 10,000 files, there should only be a handful that are "bad". I suspect it will be fixed at some point in itunes. Thanks, Diana Thanks for all your help, another question, can I instead rename the song name in itunes as this is easier for me, rather than renaming what I need to in XML.

It doesn't help that this pc is 9 years old and full of stuff hence the back up drive idea.

My husband seems to think that I can just find all these itunes files in folder somewhere and manually pick and choose what I want to copy, I don't think itunes works like that because of file sharing etc... a manual copy of your itunes data to the external drive.

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Will the association be made automatically in the xml file?