Consolidating medical school loans canada play the game speed dating 2

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Consolidating medical school loans canada

Add this to undergraduate education debt — ,000 for the average Canadian university graduate — and you are looking at a hefty sum you’ll likely have to start paying back once you’re not longer considered a student.Funding for medical school can come from a variety of sources — from scholarships to grants and loans — and figuring out which options are right for you is the key to how well you manage the money you receive.These bursaries tend to have application deadlines in the late fall or winter, so make sure you look for these and get your applications in early.However, most scholarships and bursaries won’t cover the entire cost of med school.Seek out grants from the federal and provincial/territorial governments.The amount you may receive depends not only on financial need but also on the province where you attend med school, and it’s difficult to determine how much you might receive until you apply.One item that will keep your score high is the length of time you’ve had debt or a credit card (longer is better). Trans Union and Equifax will send you a free copy of your credit report by mail — but it won’t include your credit score.

This next step is the most stressful part of financing: taking on debt.For example, having assets in a tax-free savings account (TFSA) may reduce the amount you can get.If you have a spouse or common-law partner, his or her assets may also affect how much you can receive.Some grants are specially designed for certain students, such as those with financial dependants, students with disabilities, and First Nations and Inuit students.But most grant money is allocated based on student financial need and is available to all Canadians.

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Yet your dreams of practising medicine probably didn’t include the high cost of getting there.