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Consolidating back ups

The disadvantage of the copy job approach is the fact that at a certain point in time, the data that is copied for long term archive is already “always incremental job retention” old, so that the data in the longterm storage is not the current data that is available from the client.The solution using virtual full jobs to create longterm storage has the disadvantage, that for every backup job the a new longterm job needs to be created.Red are full backups, green are differential backups and blue are incremental Backups.When you look for a data at the horizontal axis, you see what backup jobs are available for a restore at this given time.Therefore, the jobtype of the longterm job is updated to “archive”, so that it is not taken as base for then next incrementals and the always incremental job will stand alone. This type have been introduced with the Always Incremental feature.When used, it automatically trigger the consolidation of incremental jobs that need to be consolidated..

The following figure shows the amount of data being copied by the virtual jobs that do the consolidation when having 3 identically configured backup jobs: As can be seen, virtual jobs including the full are triggered for all three clients at the same time.To better understand the advantages of the Always Incremental Backup scheme, we first analyze the way that the conventional Incremental - Differential - Full Backup Scheme works.The following figure shows the jobs available for restore over time.During the consolidation, each day the full backup is consolidated with the oldest incremental backup, which means that more or less the full amount of data being stored on the client is moved.Although this consolidation only is performed locally on the storage daemon without client interaction, it is still an enormous amount of data being touched and can take an considerable amount of time.

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It can be useful to independently consolidate multiple files in a backup set into a single Full or to consolidate a group of Incremental backups.