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Consolidating audio files in pro tools

These bounced files should ideally be exported into a separate transfer folder, and from there, they can be imported into the target DAW session.Upon import, you just line them all up at bar 1, set the correct Tempo (if necessary), and the song is ready to play.But because of the often spotty results, a lot of engineers and producers prefer to use the one tried-and-true method for exchanging project data—manual exchange.It’s a little bit of a pain, but the results should be consistent and reliable, which is the primary concern.If the MIDI performances are done, and no more MIDI editing or Instrument parameter tweaking will be required, then they should also be bounced/rendered as audio files from bar 1.

To complicate matters further, there may be MIDI tracks as well as audio, and the target studio/artist may require full MIDI editing control as well, to do what’s needed.

The next menu will come up and the “Session Format” This allows you to choose the current version running or a previous version of the software and make sure that “Copy Audio Files & Session Plug-In Settings Folder” and “Copy Root Plug-In Settings Folder” boxes are checked.

Everyone has their favorite DAW to work in, and most people are very attached to their workstation of choice, but eventually there comes a time when it becomes necessary to transfer the individual elements of a project to a different program.

However, if volume/pan/mix/plugin effects need to included, then the tracks must be exported using the Bounce function (File menu), where what you hear is what you get.

(Fig 4) Pro Tools File Menu "Bounce To Disk…"Depending on the version of Pro Tools, this might have to be done by soloing each track in turn, in real time (v10 and older).

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