Consolidating airline points updating rosters on nba 2k9

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Consolidating airline points

In Hilton’s program, miles from the programs of American, Hawaiian, Mexicana, Midwest, South African, and Virgin can be converted into points—a longer list, but hardly a comprehensive one.

As with, the exchange rate is brutal, typically yielding only 20 to 30 percent of the original number of miles after the transfer.

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Not every “country” (really, airline) accepts every currency. So for example, Lufthansa (a German airline that’s part of the Star Alliance) WILL accept your United Airlines “dollars” but NOT your American Airlines “dollars.” That’s because United Airlines is in the Star Alliance with Lufthansa while American Airlines is NOT.Then those points are redeemed for miles in another program.In recent years, Diners has pared down its list to a single miles-to-points partner, American.Aside from, the two venerable mileage-conversion options involve two-step processes through the programs of Hilton and Diners Club.First, airline miles are converted to points, in the Hilton HHonors or Diners Club Rewards programs.

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But, you CAN book award flights on other airlines if they are travel partners.

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