Conn saxophone serial dating

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Conn saxophone serial dating

Since posting the updated system,the brass sample has grown 20% and the results are still valid.

I continue to gather the brass as the next step is to determine the production of the different instrument types.

This comes from the known time periods of certain contemporary models not being congruent and the woodwinds not using a "P"or "W" prefix. This may be the start of the line as of 1919, when the Pan American factory opened. Pan American was incorporated in July 1919 and the factory officially opened in November.

In the trades 1919 seems to also be the reference date for anniversaries.

7) Pan American saxes were stencils 45-47% of the time. The earlier years have the highest ratio of stencils for both lines.

8) Based on the examples I have seen Lafleur, was not a stencil when Conn models were included.

6) Private label stencils are too numerous to list here, but include other manufacturers, distributors (jobbers) and retailers not owned or controlled by the Conn Ltd Organization.

I have a thought on this, but would like some comments from interested or knowledgeable forum members.

thanks, Kurt Badenia, you already have my horn listed, I think, from Jaye PDX's thread (mentioned above).

I started gathering serial numbers for Pan American woodwinds back in January to prove they are under a system different than brass.

By March, I was able to prove this owing to several duplicated numbers.

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3) There are stencils, commonly referred to as Conn stencils from the 1917-1918 time period.

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