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The frontal lobe is the part of your brain that regulates important cognitive skills, such as problem-solving, memory, and emotional expression. The frontal lobe in a person with conduct disorder may not work properly, which can cause, among other things: The impairment of the frontal lobe may be genetic, or inherited, or it may be caused by brain damage due to an injury.

A child may also inherit personality traits that are commonly seen in conduct disorder.

Conduct disorder is a group of behavioral and emotional problems that usually begins during childhood or adolescence.

Children and adolescents with the disorder have a difficult time following rules and behaving in a socially acceptable way.

If abuse isn’t present, your child’s mental healthcare provider will use behavior therapy or talk therapy to help your child learn how to express or control their emotions appropriately.

The mental healthcare provider will also teach you how to manage your child’s behavior.

Children who continuously display extremely aggressive, deceitful, or destructive behavior tend to have a poorer outlook.

Common issues include lying, truancy, and staying out after dark without parental permission.Without treatment, your child is likely to have ongoing problems.They may be unable to adapt to the demands of adulthood, which can cause them to have problems with relationships and holding a job.They also don’t take other people’s feelings into consideration.Your child may have conduct disorder if they persistently display one or more of the following behaviors: Boys who have conduct disorder are more likely to display aggressive and destructive behavior than girls.

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They may display aggressive, destructive, and deceitful behaviors that can violate the rights of others.

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