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Computer mediated communication in dating

|t Communication Competence and Apprehension during CMC in Online and Face-to-face Relationships / |r David Kamerer / |r Deborah Ballard-Reisch / |r Bobby Rozzell / |r Lou Heldman -- |g 6. |t Online Self-Disclosure: A Review of Research / |r Kevin B. |t Multicommunicating and Episodic Presence: 181 Developing New Constructs for Studying New Phenomena / |r Kathryn Dindia / |r Jinsuk Kim -- |g 11.

|t CMC and the Conceptualization of "Friendship": How Friendships Have Changed with the Advent of New Methods of Interpersonal Communication / |r Renée Houston / |r Paige P. |t Cross-Contextual Examination of Technologically Mediated Communication and Social Presence in Long-Distance Relationships / |r Amy Janan Johnson / |r Jennifer A.

That same year, the number of new unique visitors to online dating sites was estimated at 40 million per month in the U. According to the 2006 Pew Internet and American Life Project survey (Madden & Lenhart), 74% of the approximately 10 million American Internet users who are single and actively seeking romantic partners have used the Internet as a means to meet potential dates, with online dating sites serving as the core of these users' online dating-related activities.

Users' experiences with Internet personals ads and online dating may not all be uniform, however, and age may be an important dimension along which such experiences vary.

Her research appears in over 50 essays published in scholarly journals and edited volumes, including computers in Human Behavior, Communication Education, Health Communication, and Journal of Family Communication. Wright (Ph D, University of Oklahoma) is Professor in Communication at the University of Oklahoma.

His research examines interpersonal communication, social support related to health outcomes, and computer-mediated relationships.

|t Online Performances of Gender: Blogs, Gender-Bending, and Cybersex as Relational Exemplars / |r Michal Frenkel / |r Gustavo S. |t Digital Deception in Personal Relationships / |r Mark L.

|t Speculating about Spying on My Space and Beyond: Social Network Surveillance and Obsessive Relational Intrusion / |r Norah E. |t Problematic Youth Interactions Online: Solicitation, Harassment, and Cyberbullying / |r Brian H.

Her research examines young adults' interpersonal communication in romantic and family contexts.

In addition, this study examined the potential of new media gratifications granted by smartphones and mobile technologies.

A 30-question online survey was administered at Texas State University, producing a random sample of 578 respondents, to which 38 used Tinder and participated in this research.

The present paper reports the results of an online survey conducted to explore people's experiences with online dating and, in particular, their use of online personals ads to initiate romantic relationships.

Here we explore the possibility that age might be associated in important ways with variation in people's experiences with online romance, a possibility researchers have largely neglected to consider in their investigations of relationships established via the Internet.

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This is the first collection of readings on computer-mediated communication focusing exclusively on interpersonal interactions.

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