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Poor Mark has to defend the latter in an immigration court, and that’s just one of the reasons why Firth plays him as perhaps more uncomfortable than he’s ever been, if you can believe that’s even possible.Maybe it’s because the actor was rather uneasy, too.“I certainly feel I’ve never seen Renée better,” Firth says.“She felt so alive, and I think that there’s more nuance, more texture and more life to her than there’s ever been, and that’s saying something.” “We have a great time,” Zellweger says about working with Firth.

I think it’s part of Helen Fielding’s genius that she kind of slips in social commentary through these characters that makes us laugh and feel so vulnerable but at the same time, quite powerful.” The dumbing-down of TV news, ageism in the workplace and references to a group of Pussy Riot-like Russian dissidents are just some of the current issues the movie satirizes.

“Malleability,” the 47-year-old actress quickly shot back. “That’s a really well-put way that you approached that question; it’s genius! “It’s not really in my nature to discuss things like that.

If I did sort of elaborate, I would feel that I was explaining myself explaining myself — and that would feel weird!

Soon after her college, she started working at commercials and small budget movies.

Renee Zellweger started her professional acting career in 1992 with TV film, as a love interest of Tom Cruise.

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But that’s how I read it: pretty uncomfortable, though I think ‘constipated’ is the word to describe him.