Christine baumgartner dating coach

Posted by / 04-Apr-2020 15:00

Although many people thrive as singles; others long for the company and support that comes from a life-long relationship.

Today’s women juggle challenging careers, social obligations, commitments to keep healthy with exhausting exercise regimes, and the need to keep current with continuing education efforts.

Such a statement sends the modern woman into a tail spin, because the Feminist Movement has taught us to have it all… We seem wiser and better prepared for everything we do, yet, divorce is on the rise…

resentment and dissatisfaction with relationships are on the rise.

So, I often question the validity in celebrating and participating in Valentine’s Day.With schedules over-booked, friends and family often take a back seat to conferences and personal trainers.How then can today’s “superwomen” nurture relationships with potential life partners?If you are still waiting for Prince Charming ask yourself if you are ready to enter into a relationship that demands attention and emotional maturity.Steven Covey, author of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, recognizes three levels of emotional maturity: dependence, independence and interdependence. And, after all of our efforts to achieve and grow as independent women, now we are mediocre on the emotional maturity scale?

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Everyone has an attractive, single friend that seems to have it all going on:health, career, great hobbies, sense of humor, intelligence…yet she can’t seem to stay in a relationship long enough to introduce him to her dog.