Christian dating advice breakup ang dating daan mga tanging awit

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Christian dating advice breakup

I discovered God wanted me to stop trying to be someone else and return to His will for me.

I was so invested in the relationship that I wasn’t sure who I was apart from it anymore.When my boyfriend broke up with me in January, my brother gave me this advice: “Maybe God has freed up your time for something.Maybe there’s somewhere you’re supposed to go or something you’re supposed to do.” That concept helped me process the situation by shedding new light on it. I haven’t moved since the breakup, and I haven’t accomplished any concrete task that dating would have kept me from doing. I realized I’d let dating distract me from God’s purpose for me.I’m going to make sure our interests work together for God’s glory instead of feeling like I have to abandon mine for his sake. I didn’t even realize I was broken until I found myself newly single, so I thank God for the breakup.I learned to retain some independence and not let my passions and interests become lost. There are many good things we can learn from being in relationships, but we can learn just as much from going through a breakup and being single again.

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I realized I hadn’t been seeking God when it came to my future, but I was building it based on what my boyfriend wanted.

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