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Cheaters tv show dating website

But I also believe there may be some embellishing going on to address the slow periods where things are not happening.

The resources used in “catching” the cheaters on this show are high-tech and absolutely enviable.

It’s suspenseful, shocking and sometimes a little raunchy.

Some of the behavior presented on the show is outright disturbing, and all of this has combined to create a recipe for a highly successful television series.

Some of what I heard made me envious of other investigators and other things I heard concerned me.

The series has been running for fourteen years straight, so clearly they are doing something right in television world.

Would you act differently in front of a camera than you do in your own home? This does not mean the incidents of infidelity are not real and for the most part I believe that they are.

In the real world we do not have security present to prevent someone from seriously injuring the other or worse.

In fact, the last thing any investigator in their right mind would do would be to alert the client when and where the suspected activity is happening real time.

Fortunately, most investigators realize the liability involved if the client actually came to the location to confront the cheater.

I can imagine the papers the next day, “Private Investigator …..” How did become the story?

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They have a Cheaters store where you can purchase items such as “Cheaters” T-shirts and “Busted’ T-shirts, but there are also quizzes and games and items you normally would associate with a happy and enjoyable enterprise. We have worked infidelity cases and they are not happy moments for anyone.