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Chat dirty to sex bots

But as the Ashley Madison leaks showed last summer, some chatbots just want you for your money.

Like ELIZA, many of these scripts are trained to recognize and respond to keywords and phrases.Chatbots hold an important place in the evolution of Artificial Intelligence. So as humans do, we've found a way to turn them into receptacles for our basest desires.In my flings with ELIZA and a host of her offspring I learned that talking dirty to chatbots provides an often comical, sometimes depressing view into the past, present and future of sex and artificial intelligence.It simulated the experience of speaking to a therapist by responding to specific words and phrases, and represented a significant step forward in the evolution of human-like AI.But while some of ELIZA's "patients" took it for human, there were limits to the power of its engagement.

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Chatbot4contains more than 20,000 chatbots of varying degrees of sophistication dedicated to getting you off, and unlike most sex as a service, they don't cost a thing.

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