Change dating pocket

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Change dating pocket

Tandem bicycles, immortalised in a song from 1892, “Daisy, Daisy”, let couples ride together. Women were expected to rely on male gallantry for repairs: “There are many punctures done on purpose, which necessitates a tête-à-tête walk home.”As bikes got cheaper, the craze came to an end, to the relief of scandalised Victorians who worried that cycling made women infertile, caused disease and loosened their morals.In recent years another technology has expanded people’s social circles and dramatically broadened their romantic opportunities: online dating.Evidence suggests that marriages in America between people who meet online are likely to be happier and last longer.

Among same-sex relationships, 70% now start online.

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We have, for example, ignored pagers, even though many nascent relationships were probably scuppered by them around 1994 when some poor deluded fool showed his off in the restaurant in the belief that it made him look important. Mercifully, the advent of the Short Message Service allowed inarticulate youths everywhere to express their interest in an indecipherable mix of abbreviated verbs and smiley faces made out of brackets and semicolons.

Younger readers may be alarmed to hear that, not that long ago, if you met someone you liked in a bar, you would actually have to ring them the next day. For those of us who still like to use whole sentences, there is also a certain haiku-like appeal in attempting to be charming in 160 characters.

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Female cyclists abandoned impractical Victorian clothing for trousers or bloomers.

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