Chae johnson is dating

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But I must say, between Nick planning every word out of his mouth and every girl playing it safe, I need some crazy to keep me coming back for more.– Chad Johnson Tune in every Tuesday for a weekly recap from Chad and follow him on Instagram here.

Chad cares about his sister, and his tiny dog, and making money, and big, protein-fueled gainz.

– Hyungwon thinks chubby people are the cutest in the world.– Most confident part about his face: eyelashes (150212 press con) – Fans said Hyungwon looks even more handsome in reality. – He is afraid of everything that has more than 8 legs. – His favorite foods are seasoned pork ribs (pork bbq), sashimi, salted fried giant shrimp. – Hyungwon is known by their fans as the “King Of Visual Compliments” because his visuals always gets praised every time they appear on shows, radio broadcasts, etc. Hyungwon said yes and fooled the hosts of the show.– He likes folk music and he appreciates singers Jack Johnson and John Legend. – He is a terrible cook, according to his band mates. – Hyungwon has a tiny little mole in the middle of his bottom lip. Doni and Koni were fooled by Hyungwon’s acting and said that he is a good actor that he convinced them that he was Chinese.– In the old dorm he used to share a room with Wonho and Shownu.– Update: In the new dorm, he shares a room with Shownu and Jooheon.

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