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Catholic dating and sex

Chaste self-possession brings true freedom and peace.With chastity we can avoid using others and abusing ourselves.A unique form of communion to which most people are called is found in marriage, the one-flesh communion of persons between husband and wife."Marriage is the icon of God's love for us" (God desires that each of us grow in holiness by giving and receiving love like him.It enables men and women to defend "love from the perils of selfishness and aggressiveness" (calls it, an "apprenticeship in self-mastery," where a person learns the meaning of true freedom (see CCC, no. The chaste person is not governed by his or her emotions.Rather, the chaste person understands the meaning of sexual feelings and appropriate behaviors.

He is the Blessed Trinity, a Communion of three Divine Persons—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—continuously giving and receiving love, one to the other.Human sexuality is woven into the fabric of each man and woman.It carries within it the powers of love and life and is the human source of our most basic relationships as members of a family.Catholic teachings on love and sexuality are founded on God's revelation of himself in Christ Jesus—as handed on through Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition (see CCC, nos.74-100), accessible to the light of faith; and, on the nature of the human person and the natural moral law, accessible to right reason and illuminated by faith.

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