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Carbon dating and the shroud of turin

Therefore, we have taken the time to examine the ‘for’ and ‘against’ cases based upon both scientific and biblical evidence.

This review depends heavily on two recent books, both of which argue for the authenticity of the Shroud.

Physical Chemistry: It is also questionable why the blood stains have remained red so long after death.

Nuclear chemistry: Pro-Shroud researchers have always called the reliability of the multiple carbon dates that have been obtained from the Shroud into question.

Here we present our view on the authenticity of the Shroud.

Due to several lines of evidence, we think that the Shroud of Turin is not the authentic burial cloth of Jesus Christ: Bible: Our conclusions are primarily based on the biblical evidence, namely that according to John and John 20:7 the Jewish custom was to bury their dead using several cloths, not just one.

In the end, we do not know how the Shroud was made, nor do we know how old it is, but we also do not need to know. Even the Apostles did not appeal to physical evidence for the Resurrection. Those testimonies are still with us today, in the pages of the New Testament.

There is a controversial piece of linen cloth residing in a cathedral in Turin, northern Italy.

Is it possibly a by-product of naturally occurring chemical processes? Different groups have different stakes as to whether the Shroud is real.Second is Thomas de Wesselow’s 2012 book by Janice Bennett, who has a Masters of Arts in Spanish literature and a certificate in advanced Biblical studies from the Catholic Biblical School of Denver.From a somewhat skeptical position we also referenced The big question is, does the Shroud really bear the image of Jesus?Morphology: Several features of the man in the Shroud appear to be distorted, and he is unusually tall, compared to the average height of a first-century Jewish man.Also, he was clearly not in the cloth, as the image does not show the sides of the head or body.

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Controversy surrounds the Shroud of Turin (hereafter ‘the Shroud’), which some say is the authentic burial cloth of Jesus Christ.

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