Can you be friends before dating dating service for professionals in toronto

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Can you be friends before dating

Needless to say, the deciding factor is whether or not your feelings are returned, and whether you gain a significant other or lose a close confidant.

But while the future may be uncertain, experts say that there is a way to cross the line cautiously so as not to catch your crush off-guard and, at the very least, preserve your friendship if the attraction isn't mutual.

Ahead, you'll hear from therapists who dish on the challenges and triumphs that can come with dating a friend, as well as one woman who tried it, herself (spoiler: It didn't work out in the long run).

The gurus also give their pro advice on how to decide whether to pursue a romance and the best ways to go about it.

"Part of me wishes I didn't keep [Sean] in my life after the break up because I wouldn't have to share this painful reality [of a new relationship] with him."It may sound a bit cold, but with so much at stake, running a cost/benefit analysis on your potential romantic involvement with a friend before you confess your feelings can be really helpful."She continues, "If you do decide to go ahead and pursue romance with a friend, it's very important to not get too attached to a positive outcome.You may get lucky and find out that your friend reciprocates your romantic feelings; but it's just as likely that he or she isn't interested in anything beyond friendship."Of course, it's helpful if you have an inclination whether your friend has feelings for you, too. Sue Varma, a board-certified psychiatrist and couples and sex therapist on faculty at NYU Langone (@doctorsuevarma on social media), warns that some signs are up for interpretation."Transitioning from friendship into romance can be absolutely wonderful and can have great benefits," Dr. "Being friends means you genuinely like each other, you have seen each other at your best and worst, and you trust each other.This is a really strong foundation for a romantic relationship.

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"Relationships based in friendship already have a solid base." That being said, it's always going to be a risk, so if you're thinking about dating a friend, then it's important to be sure that you're ready for the consequences.