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and contributed to the overthrow of the Shah during the Iranian Revolution.

It subsequently pursued the establishment of a democracy in Iran, particularly gaining support from Iran's middle class intelligentsia.

And camp residents remain in fear that the Government of Iraq will extradite them to Iran at Tehran’s request. The State Department is working with the United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to find resettlement options for these residents outside of Iraq.

Ayandegan, the independent mass-circulation daily, wrote that it had been predominantly the Feda'iyan and the MEK that had defeated the Imperial Guards.

Kayhan, the mass-circulation evening paper, said that the MEK, the Feda'iyan and other left-wing guerillas had played the decisive role in the final battles of 11 February.

The MEK was the first Iranian organization to develop systematically a modern revolutionary interpretation of Islam.

Khomeini did not like the MEK'S philosophy, which "combined Marxist theories of social evolution and class struggle with a view of Shiite Islam that suggested Shiite clerics has misinterpreted Islam and had been collaborators with the ruling class." By early 1979, the MEK had organized themselves and recreated armed cells, especially in Tehran.

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The European Union, Canada and the United States formerly listed the MEK as a terrorist organization.