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However, vector space is mathematical, so mathematical transformations can be programmed to 'hard de-bias' ('vectorise'?) inappropriate types of gender linkage (like man:doctor) while retaining appropriate ones (like daughter:son).colouring or size), and at the behavioural level (often related to parental investment, e.g.fighting for mates)Assuming a similar logic in NMS, if there is no dimorphism, we might see behavioural differences between genders of the same species, or that this gender has features which vary between its left and right sides.What we know on Earth is that human socialisation tends towards stereotyping ( the UK, the colour pink is closely associated with femininity).In one example (see gallery below), Erwicagia Aglosethl (Alpha) on planet Ritach Igeuphr in the Bamatokinos-Acce system of the Euclid galaxy, was fed Iron (1) and over the following six minutes, defecated three redly gaseous (2) crystals - Titanium (3), Chrysonite (4), and Nickel (5) - before becoming disenamoured (6) and flying off.

No matter how many people you asked, you could never reach the same certainty of male to female ratios as before, although your estimate would perpetually get marginally better as you asked more and more people.

Certain animals, if approached closely enough, may be fed; a message appears suggesting the preferred treat.

(Known feeds include Carbon, Iron and Heridium.) Once this is done, the animal's behaviour may change, a 'smiley' appears above it, and it may perform some additional service to the character.

In addition, younger animals may well frolic - a comparison which is apparent in this video of young and old Rifervarua Charius on planet Ritach Igeuphr in the Bamatokinos-Acce system of the Euclid galaxy: The little we are aware of so far regarding animal reproduction in NMS, relates to gender classifications.

A range of genders are encountered amongst binomial animals in NMS, which often offers more than one gender for a single species.

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We were aware of the existence of behavioural algorithms in the design stage, which would tend to cause different species of animals to congregate or disperse: Amongst the high flying, limb-winged animals of planet Ritach Igeuphr in the Bamatokinos-Acce system of the Euclid galaxy, we tend to find Obviarec Rucogole flying around in groups of three (sometimes combining but not often), whilst Eosittosae Rucogole tends to fly around in much larger groups (up to 19 at one time).