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Use the debug option to ease setting up validation rules, it always prevents the default submit, even when script errors occur.

Use submit Handler to implement your own form submit, eg. Use invalid Handler to react when an invalid form is submitted.

The JSON Formatter was created to help with debugging.

This method sets up event handlers for submit, focus, keyup, blur and click to trigger validation of the entire form or individual elements.In spite of the large amount of choices on hand, most of them are developed to function at a “field level.” As such, upon searching for “WPF validation,” you’ll learn how to use IData Error Info.What if the entire form warrants validation, though?Use error Class, error Element, wrapper, error Label Container, error Container, show Errors, success, error Placement, highlight, unhighlight, and ignore Title to control how invalid elements and error messages are displayed.There really is no answer to the question, "How do I validate a form?

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I have long distrusted the works just fine for submitting this form.