Bulacan dating in man

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Bulacan dating in man

When it was built in 1910, during the American colonial period, this was still part of the national road that passed through the town of Polo (the old name of Valenzuela).During that time, Polo was still part of Bulacan province, while Malabon was part of Rizal province.Foodie blogs are raving about this local burger joint with a strange name: The Long Gun Is A Burger Joint. Aside from serving 100 percent beef burgers, they also serve up burgers made of 100 percent longganisa (a kind of sausage) flavored with lots of garlic.Burgers are made to order so you will need to wait for yours, but most reviews say it’s worth it.Before it became a city, Valenzuela was formerly part of Bulacan.Even before that, the city also played an important part in the Philippines’ quest for independence from its Spanish colonizers.It houses one of the original images of Our Lady of Fatima blessed by Pope Paul VI.

For its residents, this means having the best of both worlds: city living and the opportunities that come with it, while having an easy escape from the bright lights with rural Bulacan just a stone’s throw away.Located in the city center, where the government offices are, it provides outdoor leisure activities to the public.Opened in 2015, it houses an interactive fountain, a children’s park, an area for outdoor group exercises, a giant chess board, gazebos, picnic grounds, and a mini-zoo.Pio Valenzuela, a young medical doctor and the leader of the Philippine revolutionary movement, the Katipunan. Valenzuela was born and raised in this town, which was formerly called Polo.According to the history books, Valenzuela was part of the triumvirate that led the movement, which included Andres Bonifacio and Emilio Jacinto.

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Valenzuela was in charge of the revolutionary publication “Ang Kalayaan” where he wrote several articles under his nom de plume.