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Bpd ultrasound dating table

Therefore, large scale studies should be done and population-specific tables should be derived to correlate BPD and GA.Keywords: Antenatal, bi-parietal diameter, expected date of delivery, gestational age, pregnancy, ultrasonography How to cite this article: Jaiswal P, Masih WF, Jaiswal S, Chowdhary DS.There are many parameters to determine the age of the fetus during autopsy, which includes measurement of BPD and head circumference in the skull.However if during autopsy of a decomposed or mutilated body only skull is present then BPD is useful criteria for estimating age.GA determined by measurement of fetal BPD with real time ultrasonography machine. Observation and Results: In this study, fetal mean BPD showed a linear increase from 13 to 36 weeks.Statistically significant correlation was found between GA and BPD (r = 0.38).

This study was carried out to measure BPD of the fetus in a total of 200 gravid females by using a grey scale real time Sonography Machine (Toshiba color Doppler Nemio XG) employing a 6-3 MHz convex transducer.Accurate assessment of GA by sonography is of great importance in prenatal care during pregnancy because even in women with reliable dates, the error in GA calculation can occur.Therefore, prediction from ultrasound should be more accurate.The mean BPD values of this study compares well with some Indian studies and other found higher results.Variation in predicted values is attributed to anthropometric differences between the two populations due to racial, genetic, nutritional, and socioeconomic factor.

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BPD is one of the most commonly measured and accurate parameter in determining the age of the fetus up to 36 weeks.

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