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But as tough and rugged as they are, even a Jeep needs some TLC every now and again. We thought it would be useful to mention some of the more common Jeep repair issues that we deal with here at Independent Motors: If your Jeep is experiencing any of these issues, we’ve got you covered.Our experienced Jeep repair mechanics know exactly how to fix any Jeep repair issue.These vehicles have strong roots in Boulder dating back to 1972.Jeep’s Wrangler has been so popular that it has surpassed both Cherokee and Grand Cherokee sales.There are few petroglyphs in the American Southwest that are as deeply carved as these, and few that have the same sense of size." Benson obtained permission to non-invasively examine the petroglyphs from the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe, which owns the land.Study co-author John Southton, a faculty member at University of California, Irvine, radiocarbon dated the material for the study.The caves, known as the Paisley Caves in south central Oregon, held not only fossilized human coprolites that dated to roughly 14,400 years ago, but also bones of horses and camels that went extinct in North America prior to 13,000 years ago.The younger time interval calculated for the Winnemucca petroglyphs corresponds to dates obtained from a second significant archaeological finding in the region -- Spirit Cave Man, who was discovered more than 70 years ago some 60 miles east of Reno and whose hair, bones and clothing were dated to about 10,600 years ago.

As a result, routine maintenance is often overlooked which can lead to larger, more expensive repairs down the road.Those dates, as well as additional geochemical data on a sediment core from the adjacent Pyramid Lake subbasin, indicated the limestone boulders containing the petroglyphs were exposed to air between 14,800 and 13,200 years ago and again between about 11,300 and 10,500 years ago."Prior to our study, archaeologists had suggested these petroglyphs were extremely old," said Benson, also an emeritus USGS scientist.Co-authors on the study included Eugene Hattori of the Nevada State Museum in Carson City, Nev., John Southon of the University of California, Irvine and Benjamin Aleck of the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe Museum and Visitor's Center in Nixon, Nev. Benson sampled the carbonate into which the petroglyphs were incised and the carbonate that coated the petroglyphs at the base of the limestone boulder.The radiocarbon dates on the samples indicated the carbonate layer underlying the petroglyphs dated to roughly 14,800 ago.

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