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This tells us that using the bomb radiocarbon dating of hawksbills’ carapaces is an accurate tool for aging.It was determined that wild hawksbills reach maturity between 17 and 22 years of age and captive hawksbills will reach maturity in approximately 12.3 years (Van Houtan 2016).Our vision for the region is to achieve sustainable fisheries and seafood, healthy marine ecosystems that provide stability for fishery resources, recovery of threatened and endangered species, and enhanced opportunities for commercial, recreational, and cultural activities in the marine environment.C) dating has previously been applied to modern paintings on canvas from the 20th century to identify potential modern forgeries, and dates indicate a time lag of several years between the harvesting of plant fibers for making canvas, and completion of a painting.One marine species that is of particular interest is the critically endangered hawksbill sea turtle (Figure 1: This figure displays a carapace, as well as the correlation between carapace growth and number of growth marks on a scute. Time in Tortoiseshell: a Bomb Radiocarbon-Validated Chronology in Sea Turtle Scutes. Their shells are extremely tough and provide protection from predators.Bomb radiocarbon dating can also be used on shells to estimate growth and maturity and it is data like this that can aid in assessing population status.

The same increase and decrease in Figure 2 appear in the coral cores.

By: Delaney Reynolds, SRC Intern After the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawai’I, the United States declared martial law.

In the decades that followed, the island of Kaho‘olawe, Hawai’I, an island considered sacred to Hawai’ian Natives, was used as a training ground and bombing range for the United States’ Army.

In 2015, commercial fishermen landed more than 36 million pounds of finfish and shellfish.

We are home to the lovable, yet critically endangered Hawaiian monk seal—only 1,400 remain.

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Other popular species include green sea turtles, spinner dolphins, false killer whales, and humpback whales.