Blackberry calendaring not updating to notes dating secrets of the ten commandments

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Your humble author has been a late adopter when it comes to the i Phone.Until recently, I've used a Blackberry Curve 8330 mobile phone since late 2008.My 8330 is an outstanding phone: it's built like a tank, has excellent call clarity, a superb speaker phone, a great keyboard, good battery life, a decent camera, and useful built-in apps.It survived a four-foot drop onto concrete without a scratch, as well as numerous fumbles, bobbles, and falls from my desk or pocket over the years.Would you like to be able to import your team(s) schedules into your other calendars, and automatically sync when those schedules change?This website provides a Live Calendar "Feed" which allows programs like Microsoft Outlook®, services like Google Calendar™, or devices like the Apple i Phone™ to import and combine with your other calendars.Note: once your season is over, please remember to unsubscribe from your calendar feed.Once your team(s) are no longer in the current season the website will return a message prompting you to "please delete this out-dated calendar feed" with basic instructions for doing so.

It discusses moving contacts and notes form the 8330 to the i Phone.

Continually requesting calendar information for non-current teams creates unneccesary strain on the website.

We will provide some basic instructions for using the calendar feed from this website for some of the most common scenarios, including Microsoft Outlook® 2007 & 2010, Apple i Phone™, and Google Calendar™.

The i Phone had also developed to a point where I could no longer resist its charms.

My wife has owned an i Phone 4S for over a year and playing with it induced an irresistible Sirens' call for an i Phone 5.

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For more details regarding some of the more common specific programs or devices please look at the Disclaimers and Instructions section below.

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