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Stuck in the middle, you learned how to negotiate peace between warring siblings. If you are a lastborn, you grew up as the apple of your parents’ eye. They’re affectionate, engaging and act impulsively. They love to be the center of attention, and “Surprise” is their middle name. Marriage is a partnership, not a “Doing it my way” song. Say a simple thank you instead of “improving” on what your mate says and does. Middleborns tend to avoid conflict, yet they’re good compromisers.

Since you were least likely to be noticed missing, is it any surprise you focused on friends and are very loyal? You manipulated siblings into doing your work, but they also used you to get what they wanted from your parents. So, how does birth order play out in your marriage, and how can you use it to strengthen your relationship? When a criticism pops into your mind, consider the consequences before you speak. Since firstborns are strong in opinion, discussing events and feelings is critical in your marriage. ” The perceptive middleborn has so much to offer, including wonderful problem-solving skills.

Make sure you run everything by your “detailed” husband or wife before scheduling it.

Middleborns like relationships to be smooth; lastborns like fun. To build a thriving marriage, middleborns need to blend their social interests with activities the lastborn thinks are fun.

Lastborns must back off from always being in the spotlight and allow the middleborn to shine.

Decide who specifically will do what, and then find ways to build in mutual accountability — lists, alarms set on cellphones, whatever.

Leave it to babies to come up with fun ideas for approaching the requirements of life. It requires two people working together in an environment of love, support and mutual respect.

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Take firstborn qualities and supercharge them, and you’ve got the only child.

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