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It breaks down its phrase lists into a number of categories, such as greetings, numbers and transportation.

The phrases are recorded by a native speaker and you see both the Chinese characters and pinyin for each phrase. There are other similar apps, such as Learn Chinese by Bravo Lang.

I found the interface a little more complicated to use than that of the above app, partly because my ability to recognize Chinese characters is limited.In terms of learning how to speak Chinese, apps filled with different conversational phrases are a good place to start.An example of such an app is Learn Chinese by Codegent.The apps's introduction section does a good job of giving a basic historical overview, as well as explaining some of the different aspects of the language, which may confuse those who are unfamiliar with it.The main section of the app teaches characters, based on their etymology.

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As mentioned in the introduction, Chinese is a tonal language.