Benefits of consolidating active directory domains

Posted by / 17-Oct-2020 18:23

Benefits of consolidating active directory domains

For any company, M&As are a huge transition that greatly affects all levels of your team, from your financial department to HR.

As more companies become technology companies, M&As have an even bigger impact on IT, with everything from identity management to your Active Directory infrastructure, to your IT security impacted by huge systemic changes.

This allows you to transform your technology stack, create flexible autonomy and efficiency for shared sources, improve performance for end users, and provide oversight and visibility for your teams. An M&A process that’s both repeatable and efficient.

Okta’s Universal Directory enables companies to connect an unlimited number of directories and bring legacy data to the web, with no need for AD forest trusts or firewall holes.

Once the user is authenticated to the AD domain behind the firewall, Okta will pick up on that and authenticate them into the cloud and the applications they need.

After you have imported users and groups into Okta, you can begin to grant them access to applications.

Using Okta’s Universal Directory as the single source of truth, the company has saved over 1,000 hours each year on synchronizing and consolidating domains after M&A activity.“What Okta promised is what they actually delivered.” Read the full Newscorp case study here.Two years ago, energy company Engie executed a series of M&As to cement itself as a leader in the energy sector, from electricity, to natural gas, to even nuclear power.Okta eliminates the costs and headaches of AD domain consolidation during M&As, allowing you to smoothly integrate users across different organizations and give them access to the tools they need.This whitepaper shares how a range of renowned companies – from News Corp to National Geographic – have benefited from our cloud-based services during such transitions, and more importantly, how you can too.

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It’s no secret that mergers and acquisitions have become a prominent corporate strategy, providing a way for companies to access new markets, technology, and resources faster than they could through their own internal efforts.