Ben franklin dating advice

Posted by / 06-Mar-2020 13:58

Ben franklin dating advice

This is unfortunate, because knowledge truly is power.

When I was in law school I started a blog called The Frugal Law Student.

I don’t deny that, if used properly, a credit card can be an extremely useful tool.

So I went into autodidact mode and started learning about money, saving, and so on. You don’t have to start a blog to become a savvy money manager.

It’s never too late to start educating yourself about the world of personal finance, and it’s as easy as reading the vast amount of free content online about the topic.

I wanted to share tips with fellow law students about how to save money while getting your JD.

Yet at the time, I didn’t know much about personal finance myself!

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After that experience, I kept up the practice of maintaining a budget and it has served me well.

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