Beauty is intimidating quotes

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Beauty is intimidating quotes

His clothing all but like a rag Complimenting his deranged mind There is a guy dressed with jewelries and gems But with skin of a snake when naked Who’s more noble? We find it funny when he acts stupid For we see him as only the crazy one But if we will be judged at the same time In the eyes of God he is more holy Who’s more noble? You will get a sweet kiss from me every morning because we have reached another beautiful day to correct the mistake of yesterday. Dreaming about you is wonderful but being with you, in reality, is gorgeous. Morning, afternoon and night, your love is all I need. A beautiful heart always recognizes another beautiful soul. You are so cute that you can win a beauty contest among angels. Your beauty warms my heart in the morning when I wake and at night before sleep. You can see your reflection when you look into my eyes. You are beautiful, and you are the light of my life. Nobody will give me the kind of love you have showered on me since we became one. You easily keep my heart racing when I see you smile. If I got a chance to pick anything in this world, you know you will be my choice over and over because you are my beautiful angel. Never underestimate the power of true love because it can divine the ocean and perform many miracles. There is no another you, and I am glad to have you to myself. If I say you make me happy, that would be an understatement. Thank you for giving me the most awesome years of my life. I want to have you in my life forever because you bring sweet flavors into my world. Your beauty means everything to me because it can’t compare to anything in the world. With you in my life, I feel so warmed up to touch the sky. Every second with you is an avenue to learn something new. There is one thing I can’t get tired of telling you, and it is, I love you. You are one thing that is worth loving and cherishes every day of my life.

I just can’t spot a part of you that beats the other.

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The morning is bright and beautiful only when you are on my mind.

You are that beautiful dream in my life that became a reality.

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We have all these quotes and messages that will interest you. You make every of my day beautiful with your love, and I love you more and more. My heart flutters with joy, and my body vibrates to the tune unheard by nobody. You’re beautiful, and your face is a clear attestation of this. My world has been at its best since you became mine. I love you every day, with all of me and with all I will become. You mean more than the world to me and I promise to love you unconditionally like the most beautiful thing in the world. Few words to describe your beauty: Charming, unbeatable, Exquisite and adorable.