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"She said she was French, living in Lyon, but was on holiday in Ivory Coast. you could see everything." Paedophilia allegations On the same page, the victim saw many other similar videos of people entrapped in this way.We then chatted for a bit on MSN and I could see a video of her. The blackmailer wanted 500 euros (0) wired to Abidjan, the capital of Ivory Coast, or else the video would remain online.She was a very beautiful French-looking girl, very pretty." "She was dressed to begin with and asked whether I would be interested in going further. It was captioned with the victim's name and the false allegation that he was performing a sexual act in front of a young girl.

I did anything I could to turn myself into a ‘accidental relationship’ waiting to happen.

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When I tell people the story of how I met my wife they nearly always get the short version. But there was quite a bit more to it than signing up for a flirting course and sitting myself next to the prettiest girl in the room.

You can find out more in this short audio snippet taken from a BBC interview with Matthew Bannister.

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They never say: 'I met someone on the internet and I went naked'.