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You simply enter a word into its search bar, and then you can find recordings of different Italian accents to choose from and to compare.Lyrics Gap This is a fun method of learning Italian.The course is based on the method Olly has developed for himself to learn 7 foreign languages (Japanese, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Cantonese, Arabic) and you can use it to learn any language (Italian included).Forvo Italian Forvo has many recordings of its users that you can listen to in order to practice your pronunciation.We’ve tested all these sites and chose the best ones for you to easily find correspondents and speaking partners on the internet.News in Slow Italian The news in Italian, read slowly in order to make it easier to understand.The Polyglot Project The Polyglot Project gives you the possibility of easily reading Italian books while also providing a translation if you need it.

They offer courses to BBC Italian The BBC offers excellent resources to help Italian learners.

Our blog articles to help you learn Italian We regularly write blog articles on language learning topics and resources.

Mosa Lingua Web Find a new way of becoming proficient in a language in a fast, simple and efficient manner.

Language Immersion for Chrome An extension for Google Chrome that allows you to read web content in the language you’re learning.

Depending on your settings, this extension will make Italian words appear in the text you’re reading.

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Benny has learned several languages himself and he’s a great motivator to help you achieve results faster.