Battery dating violence definition single mom over 40 dating

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Battery dating violence definition

Every crime has specific elements that the prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt in order to obtain a conviction against the defendant.Each element of the charge must be independently proved or else the jury must vote “not guilty.” In order to find the accused guilty of “spousal battery”, the prosecutor must prove three elements.In other words, it must be proved that the injury wasn’t self-inflicted or caused as the result of an accident.A California domestic battery accusation is a very serious matter.In order to secure the best representation from a firm who has successfully defended countless intimate partner abuse cases, contact the experienced attorneys at the Kavinoky Law Firm for a free consultation."Battery domestic violence" (abbreviated "BDV") occurs when someone uses unlawful physical force against his/her relative or current or former spouse or dating partner.However, any bodily contact that is accidental or otherwise unintentional is criminal under Nevada domestic violence law.In this article, our Las Vegas criminal defense lawyers explain the legal definition of the Nevada crime of battery domestic violence.

Intimate partners can be of opposite or the same genders, married, divorced, living together, have children in common, or be dating or formerly dating.

An individual can be charged with domestic battery even if he or she used only the physical touching can result in a misdemeanor battery charge.

However, if an individual suffers serious injury, such as broken bones, loss of consciousness or a concussion, the offense will likely be charged as a felony punishable by a maximum of four years in state prison.

Willingness has nothing to do with the amount of force used or the physical result of the force, it only deals with the willingness to simply do the act.

In a situation where the accused willfully used the force in self-defense or in the defense of others, he or she is not guilty of a battery.

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Keep reading to learn about what qualifies as BDV and how it differs from the more general Nevada offense of battery.