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Automatic transfers consolidating pension savings

A pot will only be eligible for automatic transfer if it is worth under GBP 10,000 and was created after a certain date, so the legislation will not have retrospective effect.Workers will be able to opt out of the legislation and leave their pension pots where they are when they get a new job (or else transfer them to another pension vehicle of their own choosing).This change, which is intended to take effect in 2014, will result in even more small pension pots being created as individuals move between jobs.

the level required by the automatic enrolment legislation will need to stay in post for less than five years before his pot exceeds the GBP 10,000 limit (leaving aside inflation, investment returns and fees).

One thing to take into consideration with salary sacrifice is that, as the name suggests, you are deemed to have a salary.

This can have knock-on effects: it could reduce your earnings so that you'd no longer qualify for Statutory Maternity Pay, for example.

It remains to be seen how great an effect the proposals will have.

Only low-paid workers and those who change jobs frequently should end up falling with the ambit of the new regime.

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Current annual allowance = £40,000 (NB reduces to £4,000 if you've started taking money from your pension). You can top up your allowance for the current tax year with any allowance you didn’t use from the previous three tax years.

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