Askmen dating friends ex

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Askmen dating friends ex

We used to text every now and then about music, work, and bullshit but that had stopped around the same time as my friends started asking me if they were dating. They are flying together to on a vacation, more pics have popped up (so I'm told) and it's very clear they are together. It seems pretty clear that it took less than 5 months for him to start hooking up with/dating my ex.I don't care about who she dates, and to be honest I'm not surprised she wants to be with T. I think that's pretty fucked up, and if I ever see him again I'm gonna be pretty pissed off and want to start some shit about breaking bro code.There are ~3.5x10 women in the world, find someone else instead of thinking the ex of your good-friend who you hung out with under his nose and who offers you some attention upon breaking up with him is 'the one' for you. jumps into the sack with her just after you break-up; is a shitty (I never like/d the word 'creepy' as it's subjective and means nothing) thing to do on his part.And shows,"Hey, I don't want to date any of the 3.5 billion other women other than your ex I was friends with and trusted myself into your house with because I'm a lazy, self-caring, inconsiderate asshole who doesn't want to make the effort of finding someone else and she offered me some attention." :|Well, she and I were still unsure about whether or not we would stay broken up in November of last year, and the pictures started surfacing and questions started being asked a month later.

Dating a past hookup or a girl who really didn't work out as a girlfriend? and losing the gf and a good friend (which unlike girls, guys DON' T make too easily) sucks, forget 'bro-code', good friends should have the maturity and wit in them to understand this and go find girls to date themselves instead of going for their friend's 'sloppy seconds' (excuse my french) who might have shown them interest with the excuse of 'a shoulder to cry on' or was close to them as the guy brought them into their life.shitty thing for the guy ' T' here to do. I have never understood the bro code about not dating exes. I can understand not getting with your ex immediately. As a woman, we kind of have an unspoken code that we should not date the exes of our friends; regardless of how long they've been apart, or for what reason reason they separated. Different guys are going to react differently to it. Personally, I don't have that problem, since all my friends are engaged or married, and also dislike all my exes. When I was married I considered that if I had a terminal illness would I want any of my friends marrying my widow. Now that I've been divorced for over a year, the answer surprisingly is still yes.his best 'friend' who he let into his life and who couldn't even wait a month to jump into the sack with his former long-term gf IS.and that's what being a non-cool friend (aka: 'bro') means. Why should you have claim over a woman, that you dumped and cut ties? Do what you want but understand that it comes off as: "Hey, I don't want you to be happy with who you want because I'm a jealous, possessive dick."A best friend you welcome into your house/life, introduce to your gf/etc.

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