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Asian guys dating latinas

Actually no, that’s what I meant at that time but in the last three years I think that’s changed.

Black women need to own up to their street cred though, men, all men, Blacks and others think that Black women have an attitude problem.

I remember as a child I would just get so tickled at, “it was dry and straight, now it’s wet and curly!

” I still find this amusing today over 20 years later.

I think stereotypes about long hair, long real hair, and lighter skin do exist.

People believe that having kids with Latin women will produce better looking kids. Sisters would be lying if they didn’t admit that for like a cool 15 years they were checking for Al B. I think that most men who are obsessed with Latinas for their looks will soon find out that they come in so many different forms, you’re likely to find that Latinas look just like Black women.

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