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For example, in 2013, they were spotted taking a motorcycle ride. Now, I'll leave you with these really cute photos of Keegan and Chuck.

If that isn't enough proof, while chatting with Us Weekly in 2013, Allen talked about their first date and said, "We walked through the Conservatory Garden in Central Park in New York and took pictures of each other.

She was homeschooled and perhaps, there is no further information available about her college studies.

"But after that attraction, I like women who are very driven, and have passions, and follow their passions, and are great at something.Plus, just like Allen, Grant is a professional photographer, who has previously snapped photos of him. If you check out her Twitter page, she's retweeted Bellisario, Tyler Blackburn, and Ashley Benson.Plus, on Lanapedia, Allen is listed as Grant's boyfriend. OK, maybe not exactly, but as stated above, the two have been linked for some time now. Allen appears to be in love and he doesn't care who knows it.Hailing from Anaheim Hills, California, Ashley Benson is a model and actress, became known to the world for portraying the role of Hanna Marin in the teen mystery-drama television series Pretty Little Liars.She began her career as a child, appearing in musicals and then ventured into the modeling world before finally appearing in both film and television shows.

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