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Shit, he could be days into a flu or the cold, have royally pissed me off, or helicoptered his dick, and I still want bang him like four times a day.I can't imagine how that feels, I really hope they don't say 'ugly one' seeing as you're so similar that if he is the 'hot one' how is that fair, because you can't be at such opposing ends of the spectrum but look so alike.

I had just started dating this girl and this was the first time I was staying over in her bed. Don't worry," thinking she was embarrassed by her sister's behavior. I just didn't want you to know what I looked like naked yet."Coming out of shock, I was like, "Ohhhh, that's right."Nah the things we ladies (and probably men) find attractive really are more in the personality.Personality is a huge thing with attractiveness, that could be why she sees him as gross.I'm a twin and both my brother and I are married.Personal filters for how attractive someone must be to initially talk to them will vary, of course.Instead of raging on the internet, let's all try to take a moment each time we meet someone to meet them without pre-conceptions.

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