Are lindsey vonn and tiger woods dating

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Are lindsey vonn and tiger woods dating

When Tiger's wife discovered the affair, theory has it that she went after him with a golf club, which is why he crashed his car into their mailbox.Could you imagine what she would have done to him had she discovered one of the porn stars?

Vonn and Tiger had been a couple for more than two years by this point.(Jungers has denied receiving money from Woods; Sampson has not commented on claims she received money, though she had acknowledged a relationship with Woods.) Having trouble keeping up with Tiger's troubles?See how it all began Woods "had a pretty big appetite for girls," Braun claims. She says that he generally asked for "the college cutie, girls-next-door look." And then there's his wife, Elin: check out a slideshow chronicling their relationship Like most of her clients, Braun says, Woods paid in cash and, ahem, "like to communicate by text message." Woods last communicated with her in "mid 2008," she says — and he never, ever used email.Porn star Holly Sampson and a bunch of her porn star friends were hired to "work" Tiger's bachelor party, and according the Sampson, that was the first time they hooked up. However, she later claimed that she never slept with him As you can see from this magazine cover, club manager/promotor Kalika Moquin is one of the most influential people in Vegas nightlife.She reportedly met Tiger at his Vegas hotel in October of 2009 and had a brief fling.

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The children seemed to enjoy Vonn's company, but Vonn and Woods split up later in the year.