Antrel rolle and julissa still dating dating for site es

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Antrel rolle and julissa still dating

When she found out he got Valene who he told her was his ex pregnant she dumped him. That's the curse of it they smash all these bad bitches but at the end they get stuck with ugly baby mommas!!! From all those hot chicks they be banging this the type of baby mommas they fall on and be stuck for the rest of their lives! She got lucky from what I can see bc if it wasn't for Antrel who else would want to smash that! Lol I just played along with him smh he seems down to earth though lol if that means anything He was friends with a girl name Stacy for years wouldn't stop until he convinced her that they should be more than friends. Keep hating Most of these ballers baby mommas are ugly!

Please report any comments that suggest the person is gay or had sex with anybody or has an STD.

Best friends Julissa and Adrienne first met in 2006 as costars in the MTV movie "All You've Got", growing so close during filming that they even requested to share the same trailer!

Since then, these fashionistas have been there for each other through thick and thin and loves and losses, making noise and a name for themselves along the way.

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Tried to lie and say it wasn't him but I knew it was him. People of African decent can live in Latin American countries too. So sad to see all the envy, you all need to clean up your act and get a life, you so hatin and you know you would want to be her, no matter what you all say and think you know ..may be a rolling stone but he hang her hat at their place.

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