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Similarly, being that he has been mostly known to have dated girls, it can be gainsaid with some elements of certainty that he is not gay until Skandar proves otherwise.

Being that Skandar Keynes had what can be considered a relatively short acting career, or better put, starred in a few films before he went under the radar, a lot of people have wondered what he is up with at the moment and where he is now.

However, being that the actor has few works to his name and seems not to be active in the entertainment industry at the moment, a lot of people are piqued about his whereabouts.

Find out where he is below in addition to other things about actor.

Skandar Keynes had his primary education at Thornhill Primary School from 1996–2002, but before he graduated in 2002, he enrolled at Anna Scher Theatre School where he studied from the year 2000 till he left in 2005.

One of such benefactors who starred in the series is Skandar Keynes as Edmund Pevensie.The two reportedly first met in 2004 during the filming of Narnia.However, neither of the screen stars have confirmed their relationship.Also missing in action was the other Pevensie sibling, Edmund, played by Skandar Keynes.That’s nice, but where is Ben Barnes, aka Prince Caspain??

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Next came his rumored relationship with Taylor Momsen, an American musician in 2008 but there is nothing concrete to substantiate the assumption that there was really something between them.